What is this?

So what is this page?

Basically I starting getting annoyed with how certain WordPress powered websites operate. I work for a web hosting company, and I can confidently say WordPress is by far the most utilised CMS across our customer base. One of the things that annoys me about wordpress is the extreme number of database calls a single wordpress site can make if only a few plugins or themes are installed. Throw a heavy user/visitor base at this and you start to require a substantial amount of resources to keep just one WordPress instance running happily.

So how can we make wordpress faster? The answer of course (in a nutshell) is “cloud”. No, not the “cloud hosting” that every man and his dog is offering these days, but actually utilising properly deployed platforms built to distribute content and media in scalable manner while also putting the content as close to the visitor as possible.

So I present to you this page. This “WordPress” website as you view it now has no database. It has no single server that can be modified. It is basically just a WordPress site “flattened” using a few tools that export pages as singular HTML files with all elements, which then get pushed to Amazon S3.

All objects are stored in S3 (Sydney) and all elements are distributed globally using CloudFront. The primary domain operates in a little bit of a funky manner, in that it is not directly delegated to AWS (Route 53) but instead uses Cloudflare. The only reason behind doing it this was is that to date AWS Route 53 does not support DNSSEC

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